Sunday, 12 June 2016

Big Wood Farm

Our final visit to Big Wood Farm was an absolutely lovely morning.  After we visited the bees, the Chunky Monkey, the garden, and the Leprechaun habitat, students wandered from activity to activity depending on what interested them.  Corinne organized painting, sketching, a baseball game, critter catching, and a dino habitat.  Of course, a highlight is always visiting and hanging out with the chickens!  Students harvested mini carrots and greens from the garden and prepped a delicious salad to share with classmates.  Corinne also made an amazing feast for our children to share.  

We are so grateful to Big Wood Farms and Corinne and Doug Popydenec  for graciously allowing us to visit over the course of the year and experience their farm over the different seasons.

Tasting bee pollen with Farmer Doug

The Chunky Monkey has grown

Looking at the tree-climbing snake

Everyone loved the dino/critter habitat.

Chicken coop painting

Baseball game

 Harvesting and prepping the salad